Jason Ziegler

// Lead Singer & Guitar



Jason Ziegler is a Singer-Songwriter and guitarist from Allentown Pennsylvania.  He originally aspired to be a drummer but since there wasn't enough space in his childhood home he settled for the alto saxophone.  Jason has always had a strong love for music for as long as he can remember.  He grew up listening to Motown & Doo Wop, Country & Honky Tonk and Classic Rock.  He began  singing solo's in his elementary school plays and learning to play the alto-saxophone. It wasn't until high school that he started to write poetry as an outlet, later picking up his fathers guitar and teaching himself how to play out of an old Mel Bay guitar book from 1959 which he has held onto to this day. He learned a few chords but most of his learning was by ear and obsessively picking apart the guitar.  Jason wrote his first song after the loss of a close cousin in a car accident.  It was  then that he realized the power of healing through music.  In his early years of college Jason played in a band named 100 South.  It was a rock cover band playing songs from bands like Creed, Fuel, Blink 182, Bush and Dave Matthews.  It wasn't until one day at practice when the singer didn't show up do to being sick, Jason was playing his guitar and began singing into the mic just fooling around, and his drummer in complete shock replied, "What the heck! I didn't know you could sing. You need to be a singer!"  That was a pivotal moment in Jason's musical career.  Eventually everyone went their own way and Jason began focusing on songwriting and started the band Waiting For Bob. It was an all original band with his best friends Patrick Stehley and Brian Younke, eventually ending up playing on a local college radio station  WXLV.  After a few years the band decided to take a break, which led to Jason's next endeavor starting a new band.  It wasn't long until the two bands morphed together  creating Pavlov's Roommate.  The band consisted of Jason Ziegler, Kirk Patnaude, Todd Patnaude, Darren Clause, Patrick Stehley and Brian Younke. and Mike Jarczynski. It was short lived but a great learning experience.  Finally, after a lengthy hiatus, Jason and Kirk ran into each other at a bluegrass festival.  They were both itching to get back into the swing of things and shortly after decided to sit down and start writing together ultimately creating Copper Fields.

Kirk Patnaude

// Singer, Banjo, Guitar, Lap Steel

.Kirk Patnaude is a multi instrumentalist from Bethlehem Pennsylvania that plays Banjo, Lap Steel Guitar and Guitar.  He also sings harmonies with lead singer Jason Ziegler.  It all started when he use to sneak up into his grandfathers attic to find various things that would peek a boys interest like a loaded revolver in an old desk drawer or old liquor bottles, until one day he found an old beat up banjo under a pile of cardboard boxes. When his grandfather noticed that he had found that old banjo he said "you can have it if you promise to learn  how to play it".  From that day on there was no looking back. Kirk played in various bands like Endless Mountain and Pavlov's Roommate until finally teaming up with Jason Ziegler and forming Copper Fields. Together they started writing songs and performing throughout eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Bob Noble

// Bass

Bob Noble is a bass player from Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Bob grew up in a musical family and was always drawn to the sound of the bass. Bob started playing the bass guitar when he was 9 years old and then started dabbling on his dad's upright during his teen years. When he was 15, he started the Quimby Mountain Band with some friends from high school. They continuously toured the east coast for 11 years,  had regular radio play on local and Satellite radio stations and opened for many national acts including Railroad Earth, Marshall Tucker Band and Seven Walkers. After Quimby Mountain Band disbanded in 2015, Bob began to focus more on the upright bass and became a regular side musician in the Lehigh Valley music scene, regularly performing a myriad of genres at venues throughout the tri-state area.  Over the past several years, Bob has played with musicians from across PA, NJ, and even Tesas, including Porter & Sayles, Bovine Social Club, Andy Goessling, Dan Dechellis Trio, Brett Andrew & Co, Pentley Holmes, Ricky Delgado, Jesse Bardwell & the Free Union, Joe Cirotti, Dan Andree, and Matt Scmidt. Bob Joined Copper Fields in 2016 and has been contributing to their low end and rhythm ever since. Bob Plays both upright and electric bass with Copper Fields and is featured on  electirc bass and piano on their EP.

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